Free CPL theory and aviation English & radiotelephony assessment.

Assistance and administrative management of enrollment. Personal assistance with all documents.

Two days ATP theory and radiotelephony workshops

Two days of CPL /IR / ATP theory workshops *

Free mock exams and on demand tutoring

CBT Procedural and radio trainer for US airspace controlled and uncontrolled. **

A320 and B737 training and type ratings on CAAT license available.

Discount of 10% for assessment /interview training on B737 and A320.

Workshop on Job applications, job interviews, strategies & techniques, individual training for specific airlines.

Have full time global HR company and staff to provide career advice and update you on applications.

The choice of several global programs for selected pilots for line training and work experience on Piston, regional and jet airlines.

Access to online global career network that is updated every two week with every job available to low time PILOTS, mid time rated FO’s and sponsored programs.

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