EAA will assess your technical, and flight experience, and provide an overview of current and future job trends. This gives applicants a clear outlook of the international jobs market, your career path in relation to your experience. We give you the best advice based on thirty years of training knowledge and experience. We provide a 100% guarantee on our career path service, training services & prospects providing Pilot training service security and peace of mind.

Martin Bon is our consultant FAA & EASA instructor and FAA examiner in Wichita. Our designated flight examiner works to consult us on to audit & check your records and assessments and give us an FAA standard assessment. EAA’s American administration allows us confirmed status of all applicants Each person that works to bring your conversion syllabus has extensive knowledge of many different regulatory authorities such as EASA, FAA, CAS, DGCA, CAAT, CAA, CAD, CAAS, CCAA,. We have the experience to advise with authority on each case.

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