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A330 Type Rating Training

EASA A320 & A330 Type rating training in BKK, are typically completed to Original Equipment manufacturer, OEM standard following the recommended Airbus syllabus & Procedure data package PDP.

Our partner ATO has many accreditations from other authorities. All of our Instructors and examiners have experience in different cultures and focus on the specific requirements of the region of the trainees. Authorities such as the Indian DGCA, Hong Kong CAD, Singapore CAAS, Thailand DCA, are authorities where our instructors and examiners are working and have knowledge running type rating courses of different local authorities  .

The A320 type rating courses may be adjusted to meet the additional requirements of the Indian DGCA for example, who require several more full flight simulator sessions, low visibility all weather operations, and zero flight time training.

Specific targeting of key areas of performance and enhancement of the trainees non-technical skills are a key area of expertise amongst EAA Instructors.  Airbus A320 and A330 type rating courses may be reduced to the minimum requirement of 8 days of simulator training for those pilots renewing type or transitioning from similar type. A320/A330 ratings can be tailored to the particular needs of our customers airlines and authorities. Integrated A320 /A330 type ratings with enhancement training, Multi Crew recourse management experience in initial type rating on jet aircraft, and the standard course.

The trainee or client airline may change the training to fit their requirements, within the scope of the ATO training manual, and EASA Part FCL to a minimum of 32hours. Additional Modules specific to the airline and integrated into the syllabus are all weather operations, low visibility cat 2/3 ops.  Additionally MCC can be included into the course for fully integrated ab-initio type rating.

The INDIAN DGCA A320 Type Rating Course consists of self-study Computer based training CBT, distance learning, Ground school  and Full Flight Simulator (FFS).

The Booking of courses typically requires 30 days’ notice and is per crew.  Length of ground and technical training may also be to the clients specifications dependant on the experience of the candidates.  A Cross crew qualification from other Airbus type to A320 or A330 typically is over the course of 8 days. as set by Airbus manufacturer.


  • Valid and current CPL or ATPL with ME / IR
  • ATPL (written exam)
  • MCC
  • Valid Class 1 Medical
  • Fluent English, ICAO level 4 or above

Course content:

  • 15 days distance learning and tutoring with CBT
  • 5 days ground school covering Performance / Mass & Balance / ECAM
  • 9 Sessions Flight Training Device (MFTD) hours 36
  • 8 Sessions Full Flight Simulator Training 32 hours per crew
  • Skill Test of 4 hours per crew
  • Manuals & study materials

Training duration:  4 weeks onsite

Training location:   AATC Bangkok Airways Building SVB

Base training (with airline partner) 6 take-off and landings

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