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The tendency to stream pilot training at an earlier stage, as in the past, is being adapted globally to the new operating parameters and requirements. Taking the prerequisites together with the stringent defense budgets has challenged the industry to provide a new approach.

The G 120TP has been designed around the future needs of global air forces. Well-balanced performance, side-by-side seating together with high reliability and competitive economics are the parameters of the global 21st century training needs. The G 120TP represents all of the aforementioned criterias.

The G 120TP is certified to latest airworthiness standards and features enhanced aerodynamic performance, future oriented flexible avionics, including both civil and military communication and navigation systems, providing excellent situational awareness and safety features.

By improving the quality of initial through basic level flight training while realizing enormous savings in lifecycle costs, combined with unbeaten dispatch reliability, the G 120TP sets a new and unmatched standard in military pilot training.