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Professional career path placement conversion

The Professional conversion is for those that want the best preparation for entry into the interview and assessment with a smaller airline. The school, Naples Air Center of Cobra Kai will provide a structured course with outstanding customer service. Cobra-Kai is a civilian and military school whose instructors may fly both GROB120TP with USAF in morning and with you in Cessna in afternoon! You will get the need for speed with aerobatic, UPRT, and instructor courses, with one on one instruction for enhanced learning.

The package includes membership to the professional news and global jobs network. This is dedicated to providing you with the information to get the right job at the right time. A world airline directory crossed with local agents and the latest job news, workshops for cadet programs, interviews with second officer programs. Workshops provided in Thailand are included for tutoring ATP theory, job searching and presentation, radio telephony, pass selection tests, interviews, and flight assessments

Advanced career path conversion

The Advanced conversion is suitable for those that require more thorough preparation and tutoring during training, Veteran ground and flight instructors on a quality course with additional recourses and course content. The course is for those that may need a little longer to adjust, and refresh their skills, being sure that they will have enhance support from their organization in case of difficulty. The school will be Naples Air Centre, Sky Eagle for full conversion, and for the highest standard our partner school in Wichita Falls Cobra Kai. The course is oriented to pilot that require a complete and thorough one to one instruction from veteran joint civil and military instructors.

Standard career path conversion

The standard conversion is suitable for those on with limited budget, or those that have significant experience and do not require any training towards basic license. The school will be our partner school in Ft Lauderdale Skyeagle which will provide everything you require in one organization. The course is oriented clients that will be self-sufficient. Just with any low-cost flight, you buy a package and that’s what you get, little additional administration or support will be offered without the paying for the resources.

Our placement service is the best option to available for you to achieve the maximum potential.  Exposure to facts of career opportunities will provide comprehensive and detailed outlook of job market, reliable information that you can base your future upon, and steer the correct path on your career!

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