pilot atp conversion assessment


Pilots enrolled in Standard, Advanced, Professional courses will have access to all available global jobs in their experience class, we offer pre-enrollment workshop and consultancy to give you all available choices and options for your next step:

  • Pre-validation assessment of experience, education, work and vocational studies, pilot records. This will provide an in- depth career outlook report and a detailed list of options with the current market trends and factors.
  • Review of all licenses personal profile CV, flight records, all pilot documents, before sending validation and selecting your career path package to enroll in.
  • An assessment of Radio telephony knowledge, aviation English and an accurate ICAO assessment
  • Assessment of CPL theory, and aptitude test, with personal evaluation from experienced international recruiter or Airline training Captain *
  • Introduced over the next quarter a procedural and flight check assessment. **


Cost 2500BHT or FREE with any enrollment.    

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