MCC A320

The objective of the Multi Crew Cooperation, MCC courses are to give a comprehensive insight into the operation of a multi-crew aircraft by establishing and advancing communication, shared supervision and the non-technical management of a multi-crew cockpit.

Course description:

The MCC A320 consists of approximately 25 hours of Ground school and 20 hours of Simulator with Pre & post- flight briefings. The Ground School phase will introduce the philosophy and theory behind multi crew cooperation looking at subjects such as Authority, Personality and Motivation. In the Simulator, pilots are instructed in the clear and effective delivery call-outs, communication of checklists, normal flight operations as well as Abnormal/emergency procedures. Pilots are drilled in situational awareness, effective briefing techniques and the use of flight management computers.

 Course prerequisites:

  • Valid multi-engine instrument rating
  • Valid CPL or ATPL
  • Valid Class 1 Medical
  • Competence in the English Language (ICAO 4).

Training duration:  9 days

Training location:  AATC Bangkok Airways Building SVB

Download a brochure: MCC_COURSE_BROCHURE