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The simple facts are difficult to see clearly in the clutter of commercial pressure. Flight training is a very expensive and risky investment, the way to reduce the risk is to plan well, Knowing what to do, who to do it with, and what will be the result or the desired outcome.

Since 2015 EAA have been working to bring opportunity through consultancy training and exchange programs. We have gained credibility through maintaining business principals that will work, and not short term commercial interests. Our projects have included consultancy to regulator, MRO organizations, universities, flight schools and airlines.

There is no single way to guarantee success. However it is our philosophy to represent the best and surest career path creating the best possibilities of success.

There is at present no single Asian country or organization that has a universally accepted pilot certificate. For low time pilots no APAC authority accepts others CPL graduates except those of Singapore or Hong Kong. These authorities are ICAO compliant have high regulatory standards based on ICAO compliance. The pilots that have more success at the beginning and during their career are those that have an understanding of the international pilot market and  regulatory requirements.

It has always been our main objective to integrate and share the value of a good basic knowledge for the potential pilot, and their opportunities in an unbiased, but evidence based consultancy.  Now we offer a package of benefits from a Thai company and its extended international partners for the purpose of presenting the best career path for motivated, skilled pilots with a passion to become aviators! Our training and services include the following:

  • Advise and consult flight schools, training organizations and pilots on merits of international exchange and overseas pilot training programs
  • Represent pilot groups for assured outcomes for their choice of training or career
  • Enroll pilots to international schools and administer their applications, coordinate their schedules and manage flight training courses. 
  • Train pilots for professional careers in all areas: Initial flight training, Type training, professional courses, command training, recurrent training, assessment and interview preparation training. 
  • Recruitment and placement of pilot groups through a vast network of international recruitment companies such as CAE, Flight Safety, Ryan aviation, and Airline management pilots situated in airlines across Asia pacific. 
  • Continued support from qualified crew and trainers for the job placement and professional qualifications of all our pilots group.

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