g120tp future military pilot trainer

Grob Aircraft’s new G 120TP Training Concept, based upon the versatile G 120TP basic training aircraft, addresses the latest trends and strategic shifts in modern military flight training; reduced demand for fast jet pilots, increased demand for transport/helicopter/UAS pilots, an increase on mission complexity – and in the same time pressures from reduced military budgets.

The G 120TP training system starts with the Primary and Basic Flight Training phase incorporating ab initio flight training and screening on a ‘simplified’ G 120TP with Flex Power facilitating engine handling and limiting power envelope for beginner pilots.
The side-by-side cockpit arrangement supports high efficiency training, specifically in early training stages.

Primary and Basic Flight Training phase is graduated by the students with the
Wings Test. In the Streaming phase, the G 120TP platform can be operated
further for all subsequent pilot class streams by downloading of flight
training tasks from more expensive training platforms.

By using a common platform, delayed ‘cross streaming’ is facilitated between the fighter and transport streams.
Elimination of unnecessary transitions and earlier channeling of the pilots results in a streamlined pilot training, focusing on relevant core skill development.

Furthermore, future demand shifts between the various streams can be easily bolstered by a common platform.