GROB 120TP superior performance

GROB 120TP training systems using advanced cutting edge technology. They are the leading choice of global military superpowers for primary to intermediate military training, whatever your missions. Your crews will recieve the most innovative, cost effective and comprehensive learning and training technology available.

Future training systems

Advanced cutting edge technology assures your training needs are 100% at readiness. Grob superior technology and innovation meets the requirements of the worlds leading armed forces, be a player on the world stage and be a part of the elite!


Grob aircraft GMbH have been building a new technology aircraft and training systems for primary to intermediate military pilots since 2008. EAA are proud to have been long term partners with marketing this unique and innovative solution to the worlds government and military pilot training industry.

With over 20 years’ experience in commercial aerospace suppliers, EAA partners have been suppliers of aircraft and parts to Military and civil aviation organizations in Latin America & Africa.

EAA are Mekong representatives and are currently supporting the installation of an international standard military training academy in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.


The tendency to stream pilot training at an earlier stage, as in the past, is being adapted globally to the new operating parameters and requirements. Taking the prerequisites together with the stringent defense budgets has challenged the industry to provide a new approach.

The G 120TP has been designed around the future needs of global air forces. Well-balanced performance, side-by-side seating together with high reliability and competitive economics are the parameters of the global 21st century training needs. The G 120TP represents all of the aforementioned criterias.

The G 120TP is certified to latest airworthiness standards and features enhanced aerodynamic performance, future oriented flexible avionics, including both civil and military communication and navigation systems, providing excellent situational awareness and safety features.

By improving the quality of initial through basic level flight training while realizing enormous savings in lifecycle costs, combined with unbeaten dispatch reliability, the G 120TP sets a new and unmatched standard in military pilot training.


Euro Asian Aviation born from Asian market demand for the delivery quality standard training to the world’s largest market. We are proud to have been providing Asian aerospace industry solutions for over ten years.

EAA are Partners with Civil aviation authorities from Europe, Training organizations ATO, Maintenance organization MRO 145/147, IATA and ICAO. We are a leading airline management & commercial training consulting company. Our projects have included:

  • Flight simulator feasibility and project planning: Thales/ATR Thailand 2009
  • Simulator training academy: International aviation academy IAAI, KMU 2018
  • Simulator installation and certification: Thales/ATR/AATC 2011
  • Airline startup operations & training certification: Aerocondor, African aviation, Congo airways, 2010-2018
  • Civil aviation examiners standards officer training: CAAT 2015/2016
  • Airline commercial and asset management: African aviation, Congo airways, Bamboo 2015-2018
  • Flight school, MRO/ATO feasibility project: Asian aviation academy KMU 2018
  • English for aviation school startup, and feasibility: Avianca 1995, AATC, SSCA 2015