Why choose Euro Asian Aviation to convert your ATPL license?

Within four months, you will have an internationally recognized CPL with an ATP-CTP certificate or ATPL(R) with a  B737 or A320 type rating, giving you unlimited opportunity in the global pilot market!

Understanding your needs and bringing real opportunities

  • We understand pilot’s needs, we guarantee your converted EASA or FAA license & rating in minimum amount of time and cost and provide you with a platform in which you can launch your career on a global scale!
  • We are Thai company providing training since 2013, we are working to forge partnerships between Thai aviation industry, and international standard organizations, we consult on market growth in all areas with emphasis on bringing innovative skills &competitiveness back to Thai industry.
  • Clear, engaging, consultancy and advocacy based on experience in regulations and practical project administration. We allow flexibility to learn at clients pace and maximize skills for your specific objectives.
  • EAA consultants have been establish in Thailand since 2013 as a ATO satellite and EASA crew standards training and checking facility.
  • We have worked on projects for the CAAT, numerous airlines and flight schools to advocate international standards and professional exchange programs. We are determined to bring stable long term prosperity to the Thai aviation and training industry through sustainable business practices and policies.

Our career path mission

Euro Asian Aviation training services have been involved in pilot training and licensing for over 30 years. With experience in training all areas from basic flight training, professional pilot airline training, airline operations, regulator and standards training. We have the knowledge and skills to bring an international standard license to you, and the global market to bring you success. Our team includes many pilots trained by us before you and those that are to come, our reputation is in our actions!  More details of our services are below

Free CPL theory and aviation English & radiotelephony assessment.

Assistance and administrative management of enrollment. Personal assistance with all documents.

Two days ATP theory and radiotelephony workshops

Two days of CPL /IR / ATP theory workshops *

Free mock exams and on demand tutoring

CBT Procedural and radio trainer for US airspace controlled and uncontrolled. **

A320 and B737 training and type ratings on CAAT license available.

Discount of 10% for assessment /interview training on B737 and A320.

Workshop on Job applications, job interviews, strategies & techniques, individual training for specific airlines.

Have full time global HR company and staff to provide career advice and update you on applications.

The choice of several global programs for selected pilots for line training and work experience on Piston, regional and jet airlines.

Access to online global career network that is updated every two week with every job available to low time PILOTS, mid time rated FO’s and sponsored programs.

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You will have greater service provided to you as a valued client, we will work together to speed up process. Our team includes pilots that have trained with EAA. Due to administrative or technical error. You will have independent representant from as administrator to manage all agreements, applications and your training progression.
Our network of management pilots recruitment consultants and Airline HR departments give guaranteed interview and placements where contracted and available. Our commitment is to give you genuine unbiased advice provide assistance with placement interview preparation and assessment training.

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Management of applicants documents enrollment and funds transfer by providing secure funds and document schedules. Enrollment for foreign flight school in classes will assure that there is total compliance with agreements through strength in numbers.
Visa applications student, business or crew M1, B1/B2 have different lead times and may take between 5 working days and two months depending on applicant. TSA clearance for previously cleared crew can be less than 10 days, where for non-USA held Visa applicant or crew it may take up to 2 months. We will assess your case and provide management of processing for the best placement coordination.

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EAA will assess your technical, and flight experience, and provide an overview of current and future job trends. This gives applicants a clear outlook of the international jobs market, your career path in relation to your experience. We give you the best advice based on thirty years of training knowledge and experience. We provide a 100% guarantee on our career path service, training services & prospects providing Pilot training service security and peace of mind.

Martin Bon is our consultant FAA & EASA instructor and FAA examiner in Wichita. Our designated flight examiner works to consult us on to audit & check your records and assessments and give us an FAA standard assessment. EAA’s American administration allows us confirmed status of all applicants Each person that works to bring your conversion syllabus has extensive knowledge of many different regulatory authorities such as EASA, FAA, CAS, DGCA, CAAT, CAA, CAD, CAAS, CCAA,. We have the experience to advise with authority on each case.

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EAA is a proven organization (EASA ATO) training professional pilots through a sustainable and ecological policy, working  to give your desired outcomes. We give you highest standard at best value, suited to your needs!

Our service includes:

  • Professional assessment of your qualifications and career & development options.
  • Full accepted ICAO and FAA credits for experience and training towards license conversions.
  • Career advice and outlook based on known market factors
  • Management and coordination of enrollment, funds, visas and TSA authorizations,
  • Training in Asia for: theoretical exams, English and Radio Telephony, practical RT, Nav and procedures.
  • Reference and job referral to your own recruitment specialists, pre-placement service to qualified applicants.
  • Guaranteed interviews, assessments and line training to qualified persons
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