Why choose Euro Asian Aviation to convert your ATPL license?


‘’We guarantee in four months from registration,  our clients will have an internationally recognized CPL or ATPL(R), and B737 or A320 type rating, giving you unlimited opportunity in the global market’’

Euro Asian Aviation training services have been involved in pilot training and licensing for over 30 years. With experience in all disciplines from basic flight training, professional type rating, and airline operations, through to regulator and standards courses, we have the knowledge and capabilities to bring international standard license to you in a simple and complete format.

Whether you have experiernce flying and want to open options to move to better paid jobs in other country, or you have only a CPL and want to seek your first job overseas, we will offer you the best network of schools, and the best availability of jobs upon converting with us!

Each person that works to bring your conversion syllabus has been knowledge of many regulatory authorities such as EASA, FAA, CAS, DGCA, CAAT, CAA, CAD, CAAS, CCAA,. We have the experience to advise with authority on each case. This provides our clients total confidence in the management of their career goals with integrity, and bring you peace of mind.

EAA is a proven organization training clients through a sustainable and ecological policy, helping to achieve their desired outcomes. We give you highest standard with best value training, suited to your needs!

Our Conversion service provides:

  1. Free assessment of your qualifications and options for development
  2. Full accepted ICAO and FAA credits for experience and training towards license conversions.
  3. Career advice and prospects analysis based on known market factors
  4. Management and administration of enrollment, funds, visas, TSA and authorizations,
  5. English level assessment & training, workshops and courses on ATPL theory and written exams
  6. Reference and job referral to HR services, assessment and interview workshops and courses
  7. Guaranteed placement or interviews for qualified applicants, interview techniques assessement workshops.

Our commitment to service.

EAA will assess your technical, and flight experience, give an overview of current and future job trends and career placement. Give applicants a clear outlook of the international jobs market in relation to your experience. Give you the best advice based on knowledge and experience, even if it means going to an organization that provides a more suitable career path.

FAA standards officer in Wichita, & Designated flight examiner, will audit & check records and give clear credit for training  and experience, he will indication any unforeseen difficulties in qualifications or flight experience.

Management of applicants documents enrollment and funds transfer by providing secure funds and document schedules. Enrollment for foreign flight school in classes will assure that there is total compliance with law, regulations and agreements.

You will have greater service provided to you as a valued client and not be left behind due to administrative or technical error. You will have independent representant from a customer service administrator to manage all agreements, applications and your training progression.

Visa applications student, business or crew M1, B1/B2 have different lead times and may take between 5 working days and two months depending on applicant. TSA clearance for previously cleared crew can be less than 10 days, where for non-USA held Visa applicant or crew it may take up to 2 months. We will assess your case and provide management of processing for the best placement coordination.

Our regional and global network of management pilots recruitment consultants and Airline HR departments give guaranteed interview and placements where contracted and available. Our commitment is to give you genuine unbiased advice provide assistance with placement, interview preparation, and assessment training.

Steps to receive FAA ATP License based on foreign CPL or ATPL License

Q1: How do i know at what level I will be validated? and what courses I will need to take?

EAA will make initial assessment of your license and accurately outline your options, and or refer to FAA consultant. You will most likely fall into three categories

  1. ICAO CPL with less <250 HRS: CPL holder with less than 250HRS or who do not meet minimum experience will recieve validations of experience and a PPL license. The course will require CPL IR theory, flight training and examinations
  2. ICAO CPL with more >250HRS: CPL holders that meet minimum experience may be validated for PPL IR CPL.  More than >700HRS they may complete ATP ground and flight training, ATP-CTP course & ATP(R) flight examination. Type is optional.
  3. ICAO CPL or ATPL with more >1500HRS with type rating. CPL holders that meet minimum experience for ATP will complete ground ATP-CTP course and exams and directly attend Type rating course and ATP flight examination on type.

Q2: How can I get a FAA ATP license if I am an operating foreign airline pilot with a A320/B737 type rating for example?

  1. Enroll with EAA to obtain Letter of Verification.
  2. Choose school and standard, training syllabus, submit VISA TSA & final enrollment.
  3. Purchase ground course & test preparation and attend training workshop in Thailand pass test standard
  4. After two days familiarization in USA start flying or if experienced rated pilot attend ATP-CTP course
  5. Complete written exams and continue to oral test prep and dual flight preparation. Complete ATP course within two weeks
  6. Complete CPL or ATP flight and oral prep course, attend type rating conversion or intitial course.

Q3: How do I obtain an FAA validation? Why do I need it anyway?

You must send documents for validation and receive a Letter of Verification from the FAA. The US Federal Government will confirm that you have a valid license in another country. EAA will manage this as part of the enrollement, but the applicant must send himself. The lead time is up to 90 days, with no feedback due to restrictions on processing.  According to federal aviation regulations, section 61.153 “Requirements for  candidates for a license for ATP FAA” “You must hold a CPL license”14/61.153).It clearly states that a candidate for FAA ATP must either have:

  1. Holds a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating issued under this part.
  2. Meet the military experience requirements under § 61.73 of this part to qualify for a commercial pilot certificate, and an instrument rating if the person is a rated military pilot or former rated military pilot of an Armed Force of the United States  or-
  3. Holds either a foreign airline transport pilot license with instrument privileges, or a foreign commercial pilot license with an instrument rating, that –.
    (i) Was issued by a contracting State to the Convention on International Civil Aviation; and
    (ii) Contains no geographical limitations.

Validation is the process in which the FAA  confirms that you have had valid foreign ATP or Commercial foreign license and Importantly it is the basis of your enrollement visa AND TSA

Course syllabus and cost estimates. 

The Global training market is immense compared with the Asian continent. It is highly competitive and highly prone to interpretation. While most schools will quote you syllabus in minimum time. The standard courses are derived from minimum regulatory syllabus for those already engaged in full or part time aviation training. Flight training varies on an individual basis and some pilots may grasp concepts faster than others. The course may vary greatly depending on initial assessment and ongoing performance.

Applicants that have previous type and experience, more than 1,500hrs, and are current or have line flown in the previous 6 month can expect a simple and accurate process, Applications with minimum hours, under 250hrs and have not flown in the previous six months may be required to take refresher and standardization course.

This estimated prices are not set, they will differ from the course cost when you make application

1) Convert ICAO CPL with less <250 HRS: with type rating

TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course $260
Visa M1/F1/B1/B2 $400
Written courses and tests CPL IR ME. $1,100
35HRS single engine refresher $4,200
ATP-CTP program $4,999
Written test ATP-CTP $200
Oral Preparation and theory 20HRS $80
Estimate of training costs ATP ME/IR (7-15 hours on a twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess)
and a check with an examiner $7400
Airbus A320/B737 initial type rating (21 days) from $12,500
Fee of the examiner $1500

Accommodation, food and transportation is not included. Consider to stay in the US at least for four weeks for MEL rating and 6 weeks for full Type rating course.

2) Assuming that you have a CPL <1500hrs but DON’T have a type rating, and you want to get ATP with the type.

TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course $260
Visa M1/F1/B1/B2 $400
ATP-CTP program $4,999
Written test ATP-CTP $200
Estimate of training costs ATP ME/IR (7-15 hours on a twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess)
and a check with an examiner $7400
Airbus A320/B737 initial type rating (21 days) from $12,500
Fee of the examiner $1500

Total: ` $21,660

3) Assuming that you have a type rating, and you want to get ATP with the same type

TSA authorization for the ATP-CTP course $390
Visa M1/B1/B2 $400
ATP-CTP program $4,999
written test $200
Airbus 320/B737 type / License Conversion $9,500
Fee of the examiner $1500

Total: ` $16,990

4) Convert without type rating, holding valid PPL IR or CPL rating (ATP Multiengine Airplane):

Dual IFR training 6 hours                                             $1600

Dual CPL training 6 hours                                            $1150

Written tests CPL IR                                                    $130

IFR training device redbird 10 hrs                              $750

FAA DFE IR/CPL checkride                                          $1200



Total Estimate                                                            $9,090


ATP-CTP program                                                             $4,999

Written test ATP-CTP                                                    $200

Estimate of training costs ATP ME/IR (7-10 hours on a twin-engine)

and a checker with an examiner                                $5200

Fee of the examiner                                                   $1000


Total: Estimate                                                           $11,399


Airline Transport Pilot License Based on FAR Part 61 Requirements Written test, ATP-CTP program and 1,500 hours prerequisite We can offer CTP program required for written test preparation with approved part 142 flight center. * The above is an “estimate”. Actual costs may be higher or lower depending on student’s commitment, abilities, proficiency, and study habits. Flight training is a highly individualized process and the actual number of hours required to reach a standard will vary significantly by candidate.
ATP Light Twin program Cost


7 hours dual instructions in a Beechcraft Duchess $2,930.00
7 hours ground school $495.00
5 hours RedBird $900.00


Total: $4,9525


Additional costs Cost ATP CTP program $4,999.00
Additional costs Written test $205.00
Rent Airplane $1,785.00
Checkride / Examiner $1,600.00


Total: $4,9525


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