Euro Asian Aviation’s team and affiliates of skilled aviation professionals and instructors specialize in Airbus A320 & A330 Type Rating training following OEM footprint, type ratings that are compliant to EASA certification standard. We established in Bangkok to bring quality and standards to one of the best connected cities in SE Asia. Euro Asian aviation can deliver cost efficient flexible and tailored turn-key training solutions to airlines, aviation organizations and pilots. We aim to become synonymous with quality and reliability. Providing instructors and examiners in flight operations and encompassing other associated services from screening and re-validation right up to Airline training.


EASA Airbus A320 and A330 Training, Re-validation / Renewal / PC / ST

In the world’s fastest and most prolific market today, aligning the pilot training industry to match the pace of expansion and new aircraft deliveries is a challenge that several large training companies have recently acknowledged. Euro Asian Aviation, EAA intend to keep pace with the demand for airline pilot recruitment by providing quality training with excellent customer service, independent of the larger Operators.

We embellish a spirit of fraternity by sharing our knowledge with the greater aviation community. We help airlines and pilots meet each other’s standards and expectations, keep our association of pilots up to date with the latest training trends and provide for license re-validation.  Affordability, value and quality are precedent in our philosophy realizing that if you are going to invest hundreds or thousands of your own money, then you want assurance of sound investment. Our pilot services strive to keep the costs down for self-sponsored pilots through a viable pricing policy. We encourage contractors, independent TRE/TRI and other companies to use our services and help promote and maintain quality, professional pilot training with experienced airline instructors  in the most memorable and pleasurable learning environment imaginable. Aviation authorities such as the Indian DGCA, Australian CAS and South African SACAA have and may be validated to use our EASA ATO.


Pilot to Pilot Services

Our foundation is primarily to support the large community of EASA pilots working for local airlines from the subcontinent, China, Southeast Asia to Australasia & the Pacific Islands, Our parent licenses from JAR (now EASA) are integral for foreign authority validations. Further to A320 Type Ratings, we provide recurrent training, examination services, MCC,  CCQ and SFI/TRI (A) courses. We keep EASA licenses current through Airbus A320 & A330 TR Revalidations and also for Renewals for those ratings that have over 1 year lapse. Recurrent training can be offered as part of a renewal, or if sponsored by the individual or the airline can be carried out at our facility under an umbrella ATO.

Our EASA certification is implicit to our mission and the universal acceptance of an EASA licence is extremely valuable and resembles the most Professional ATPL qualification a pilot can attain in the world. Carrying the weight of the most modern, quality controlled, and transparent administrative system by EASA FCL, the Flight Crew Licensing body is fully compliant with United Nations Standards & ICAO operations. It cost us lots of money, pain and sacrifice, and at times frustration. No matter what you thought about the hoops we had to jump through, we are privileged, it is truly the benchmark Professional Pilots license. This is your passport to accept a job almost anywhere in the world . We will try to make the process easy, the learning experience insightful, and the service professional to revalidate or renew your EASA type rating.