About EAA & Airbus Training in Bangkok.

Euro Asian Aviation EAA, is about what we imagined flying to be! We are located in an airbus training facility in Bangkok Thailand.. The Airbus Training facilities are state of the art, boasting brand new Thales designed/L3 Reality 7 Simulators with latest Fidelity simulation and Modeling from Airbus and High Density Visual Graphics EAA in agreement with the EASA simulator operator, and our partner ATO, operate Airbus Training facilities, all EASA approved.

Additionally aids such as cockpit mock ups augment your learning experience including:

  • New MFTD
  • 2 Procedural training rooms,
  • 2 CBT classrooms.
  • 4 Briefing rooms,
  • 2 Debrief rooms with recorded video and session pilot data for analysis heightened learning awareness.

The facilities for your Airbus Training in Bangkok ensure that you have all the tools available to you onsite to get the best value from your EASA A320 or A330 Type Rating training.