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During the next few weeks Euro Asian aviation is implementing a new booking & reservation system for our pilots to select and book an A320 proficiency check revalidation or renewal directly with the facility and examiner. This will reduce the administration of the facility and ATO by over 75%, thus reducing the cost of the actual booking.

 More Airbus A320 training services at reduced cost.

With availability of instructors, examiners and simulator slots provided instantly in real time EAA will expand its pilot to pilot services into a supporting network capable of responding to global demand.

A320 Renewals, CCQ’s and type ratings will follow at ATO EASA approved facilities around Asia. Planned locations for these checks will use local resources to provide A320 proficiency checks extending to other services in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia.

 A320 instructors, examiners as regional managers.

Become an affiliate and manage your own availability to schedule facility client and service by region.  Extend the service to your airline, pilot network and clients and you will be influencing your own future within the growing network of pilot services that will extend across to Airbus A330 A350 A340 and Boeing B737 B777 & B787. We are heading towards a modern sustainable and equitable future using collaboration teamwork and technology to reduce the costs on to the client. Join the team and contact us now!