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The unique and state of the art open architecture mission simulation system of the G 120TP allows the training of student pilots from initial all the way through basic flight training. With the pilots progress of skills, tactical missions with airborne simulations are now available. Possible previously only on light jet and or high performance turbo-prop trainers.

The 21st century cockpit concept, with a new dimension of download potential is on the market. Improving the quality of training while realizing enormous saving in live cycle cost.

A highly effective and low cost way to train flight students in the use of helicopter- and transport aircraft mission avionics. The trainee will be able to plan the mission and operate the system elements by means of real or simulated panels switches, identical to advanced mission aircraft. Radar displays and operation are imitated to give the trainee a comprehensive understanding of the system.

Monitoring trainee’s operation by the Instructor Pilot in the side by side cockpit is done with ease by following the trainee’s actions across the cockpit while the Instructor Pilot can also utilize the same controls and displays to demonstrate every step of the training.